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Holy Fire III Reiki Level 1 & 2

In this introduction class, you learn the history of Reiki. You learn the basics of Reiki, how to work on yourself, your children and friends.

This is a two-day class, and both days are required to receive the certificate.  Learn more


I absolutely LOVE doing group events and workshops! Check back often for more details and added workshops!  Current Workshops


This class is for the student that has taken Holy Fire III Level 1 & 2 and wishes to expand their knowledge in the use of Reiki, and learn additional techniques and uses for Reiki.

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Group Programs

Where two or more are gathered....

The energy of working together toward the same goal tends to intensify the success of the group to achieve their goals. I love doing group programs, as clients see rapid results, and find community and friendship.

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Bekah Marie

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