Group HealingPrograms

Join me in this Webinar 

where I'll guide you through the same process I used to reverse my pain from Fibromyalgia

once and for all.

What you won't find


  • MLM'S

  • Supplements

  • A sales pitch for "the real info". (am I the only one who REALLY can't stand that stuff?)


What you will find

This is the complete set of tools  that I used to reverse pain for myself.


The webinar encompasses 

body, mind and spirit

Resetting the body's pain signals using tested techniques that have reversed all my own symptoms.


Fibromyalgia Masterclass for Healing.
5/21/21 8:30pm EST Neuroplasticity for Healing

5/22/21 2:30pm EST Energetic Balance for Fibromyalgia 

5/22/21 8:30pm EST Group Energy Healing and Q & A.

Investment: $997

if registered by May 15th, 2021

$1499 After May 15th, 2021