The Healer Awakens

People often ask me if I was born with this gift. The answer isn't as easy as yes or no. 

I remember from a very young age seeing things, knowing things and hearing things.

I've done many past life regressions and in each life, I've been a healer.

I've known intuitively my whole life, but I spent many years ignoring my gifts.


Because these things aren't considered "normal" there was a long period of my life I shut them out.

That was the cause of the deep depression I suffered with because I wasn't being true to myself and to my life calling. I'd stopped listening to my inner voice, and I allowed the voices of the world to define me.

And because most of what I heard was judgment, I allowed myself to believe those lies.


After a long battle with autoimmune disease, deeper depression then I have words to describe,

crippling anxiety and chronic insomnia, along with Fybromyalgia and a spinal injury, I'd given up hope.

I was on Pain Management, using Epidural Blocks, Fentynel Patches and Dilaudid for breakthrough pain.

  I'm not entirely sure what started the process of leading me, back to myself.

But I know I woke up one day. I was older and realized I had two choices. To continue to allow the world to define me, and remain miserable. Or, define myself and find true JOY.

I know life is meant to be experienced and lived. 

 I know JOY is there for those who seek it.

I've been off all of those medications since.


I decided to start training in healing modalities that would continue this self-healing.

While my first level of training totally changed my life,

in my heart, I knew there was something missing (for me).

It was then I decided to take my training to a bigger level

and start working with world-renown experts and leaders in alternative therapies.

I'd found for myself, alternative therapies were what had the power to change rather than disguise. 

I'd been hiding behind diagnosis and ailments for many years. 

What needed to happen was, I needed to get honest about who I was.

I had to stop hiding my gifts. I had to seek God with my WHOLE HEART. I had to find God within, in a way I never knew before. Being raised a Pastor's daughter,

I had a very real understanding of the God of the Bible.

Who I didn't know was the God who knew me. Knew me inside out. Because He made me.

Accepted me just as I was, when the world told me I wasn't enough.

I had to get to know the Spirit inside. 


I trained in so many modalities for myself, because it was what my soul told me I needed.

In my training, it became very apparent why.

My entire life changed when I started listening to my Spirit. 

I am not the same person who started out on this road.

I am truly healed.


What I came to realize is that our beliefs create our reality.

My body had responded to my beliefs and had followed through on them.

It was through multiple disciplines, I've healed myself.

Now, I continue to heal more! I've been transformed from the inside out.

Medical issues, emotional issues, physical issues. You name it, I've probably worked through it.

I had used so many therapies for many years in my healing journey and found them lacking.

Thankfully, that kept me searching.

As much as I loved aspects of different therapies, I found each one lacking something.




It has truly become my passion to help women find joy and healing, just as I have. 

I have had the blessing of helping countless clients experience life-changing results!

 I am so grateful to be part of their healing journey.

I am The Empathic Healer. Releasing limitations. Embracing FREEDOM. Finding JOY.



For many years I've had my office space in commercial settings but in 2019,

I had to once again follow my INTUITIVE GUIDANCE.

That inner voice that told me to bring my office home.

The majority of my clients suffer from chronic illness, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

It grew increasingly difficult to provide a space that was safe for them.

My office is a piece of my heart, that I love to share with my clients!

I'm so grateful to share it with you!



Bekah Marie

Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher &

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach. Clinical Hypnotherapist

Worldwide Online  &

In-Person in Ashburn, VA

©2020 by Bekah Marie Weideman

Bekah's methods do not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician or another licensed health-care professional for any physical or psychological ailment, whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have. Bekah's work works in harmony with other forms of healing. Please consult your Physician prior to receiving these alternative methods of healing if you have any concerns.