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Bekah Marie Weideman
Creator of Journe
y to Joy and Mindset to Manifest


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Overcome Impostor Syndrome in 30 days
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She's Crushed Depression
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She crushed Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in 30 days!
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She's Unstoppable!
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Ready to go from impossible to unstoppable?



Hi, I'm Bekah

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Teacher of Energy Medicine, I specialize in the energy field and the powerful connection our subconscious mind plays in our joy and fulfillment.


I work with high-powered female executives and entrepreneurs who have conquered the professional world and are ready with a fierce determination to invest in their emotional well-being.

You're not just an action taker; you're a transformation-seeker,

and it's time to embark on this journey to unstoppable joy. 

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I understand you deeply. Those moments of self-doubt, the days when your self-esteem takes a hit, the unspoken fears of not truly belonging - we've both been there.
It's time to conquer these emotions, shatter their hold, and awaken the unstoppable force within you. 
My mission is more than impostor syndrome. 
It's about crushing self-doubt, elevating self-esteem, and realizing your limitless potential.

In my signature program, we nurture your mental garden, eradicating the weeds of limiting beliefs that have hindered your growth for far
 too long. 
We plant your authentic truth and tend to your mind, cultivating it to align with your deepest desires. The journey to unstoppable, joyful living starts here, with
one inspired step. 


The Time for Change is Now

Don't wait any longer to live the life you've always imagined.

Your subconscious mind holds the key to your ultimate transformation, and it's time to unlock its immense power.

Think about the life you've been living on autopilot- it's time for the magic to begin, and it starts with you.

Unleash your Unstoppable Joy

Discover the Magic Within

Your subconscious mind is responsible for about 97% of your actions. It holds immeasurable power. Yet, like most, you may have overlooked the potential it carries.

Think about how often you arrive at your destination without truly remembering the journey - that's your subconscious in action.

Now consider how much of your life unfolds on autopilot.

Leaving you feeling confused, underwhelmed, and out of control.


Ways to Work with Me

Journey to Joy

4-Week Intensive to create & unleash your next level

Weekly 60-minute transformational coaching sessions

One (1) Journey RTT®️ Session

One (1) Personalized 30-Day Recording


Journey to Joy 

Rewrite your Story


3 Months of Drastically Upleveling

Your Self Belief & your joy,

Nine 60-minute transformational coaching calls

Three Journey RTT®️ Sessions

Three Personalized

30-Day Subconscious Imprinting Recordings



The Journey - One Year. You. Me.

This is a highly personalized program designed for the female leader who is ready to take her life back, and live on her terms! 

This action-taker female leader wants someone to walk alongside her for 12 months, helping her through the valleys and celebrating the triumphs!

This program is 100% 1:1 with direct access to me. 

Ready for the journey of a lifetime? 

Apply today for this high-touch program, and get busy reclaiming your power!

*Pricing will vary based on personal needs and availability. 

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