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The Hard Things

It’s always been my motto, to never say what you can’t follow through with. To not agree on something

that I can’t get behind. The issue, I’ve found comes in when the other party doesn’t come at life with the same mindset. You can have every intention. But you can’t always follow through on your end, if they don’t follow through on there’s. Sometimes, there’s a point of an empass. A place where both parties must simply part ways. As a Healer, this is quite a hard thing to do. I want to nurture, to protect, to build up, to try again. But there are times in life that there’s simply no longer anything left to try for.

Accepting this, well, that has been my lesson. I’ve struggled with angst. I’ve struggled with major anxiety. Because I just WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING! My heart doesn’t bend this way, of being hard nosed, and inflexible. But, sadly, I’ve had to learn. Sometimes, we have to respond to the hand we are delt. Let’s face it, you don’t get to have your pick of all the cards in the deck. As hard as this is, it’s a lesson I’ve needed to learn. So tonight, I had to follow through. I had to hold someone accountable. And that is not easy for me. Because holding them acountible ment me taking an action I really didn’t want to have to take.

But, at the end of the day, I’m proud of me. Maybe THAT is what this trial was all about. Maybe it has nothing to do with design style, fonts, shimmers, or deadlines. Maybe it has to do with me standing firm on my own. And, standing up for myself, and my buisness. Sure, it’s hard. I’m not happy. I got NONE of what I wanted. But, I’m beggining to realize, these lessons have nothing to do with what I want. And everything to do with what I need.

What are you fighting against? I’m betting there’s a lesson in there. From my heart to yours. Starting from square one, again.

*That’s actually a pretty great place to start from. It means we get to dream a new dream.

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