My signature program brings you from fear to freedom, from passionless to purposeful, and from judgment to joy.

I've worked with countless women over the years and they all have one thing in common.

A lack of JOY in their life. 


After years of seeing what works and what women need to see the change they are seeking, I combined multiple disciplines to bring rapid change and healing. This program is an all-inclusive program that addresses the mind, body and spirit connection.

If you like many women who have done traditional counseling and therapy and found relief isn't coming, join the women of Journey to Joy who have put the pedal to the medal and found FREEDOM. Alternative therapies are what I found saved my own life. Now, I do those same therapies for others.



By Bekah Marie

Journey to Joy

Bekah Marie

Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher &

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach. Clinical Hypnotherapist

Worldwide Online  &

In-Person in Ashburn, VA

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Bekah's methods do not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician or another licensed health-care professional for any physical or psychological ailment, whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have. Bekah's work works in harmony with other forms of healing. Please consult your Physician prior to receiving these alternative methods of healing if you have any concerns.