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with Bekah Marie

Journey to Joy

My signature program is designed for the woman

who feels like an impostor to her own life.

She struggles with low self esteem, depression, anxiety

and lack of confidence. Oftentimes, these women are Executives, coaches, and practitioners who are still seeking the inner freedom that will allow them 

to be set free in all of LIFE!  

You have everything to gain by healing these parts of yourself, because when you do, 

You can fully embraced and know you are not only lovable, but you are worthy of connection in your relationships.  You are also absolutely capable 


not just in your work, but in your life!

I've worked with countless women over the years and

they all have one thing in common,

 a lack of JOY in their life. 

In fact, most if you ask them will say they have no idea what brings them joy.


interestingly, that was my own story too. 


Well, it turns out, I was the pioneer that forged a way forward.

I went through my own demons that tried to drown me.

When that still small voice inside said, 

 "NO. This is what you were born for! Enough imagining you can't go on,

  you've got to heal yourself so you can show others it's possible".


 So, that's what I did. I embarked on the greatest journey of my own life.

 The journey to  joy.

I'm not here because I'm a "life coach" with the same training a million others have. 

I'm here because I forged through fire what healed me, and I'm sharing it with others.

Freedom Found


Journey to Joy is an all-inclusive program that addresses

the mind, body, and spirit connection in unique and powerful ways.

If you, like many of my clients have done traditional therapies,

 and found relief isn't coming, schedule your application call today!


What does it look like to be ready for this work?


  • You are UNWILLING to live one more day like this.

  • You ABSOLUTELY understand and agree that the change has to happen IN you.

  • You know 100% nobody is coming to save you, and you are ok with that! (no Knight in shinning armor)

  • You are sick of riding in the passenger side of your own life.  


Ways to know this isn’t the best option for you.

  • You find yourself saying, “I’ll try it”   (Trying implies ONE thing to the mind. FAILURE.)

  • “My mom wants me to do this” No. You will not be invested in your outcome when its mom/dad wanting the change. (*I’m a mom of two daughters, this is a super hard pill to swallow, I KNOW.)

  • “Somebody said this might help” congruence  is KEY  when you are working with your mind!!! You've got to be 100% doing this for yourself, BELIEVING THIS IS IT!

  • “Everything else has failed, this probably will too”  NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. The MIND believes what you tell it. Energy attracts energy. We have to shift our mindset and energy to be in alignment with what we want so we can make it our reality.


I offer three versions of Journey to Joy based on individual client's needs.

In your application call, I will assess which program would best get you to your goals,

and make recommendations accordingly.


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