Journey to Joy Testimonials


"I'm so much healthier emotionally than I have EVER been since the birth of my child ten years ago.

Journey to Joy

has changed my life"


"I didn't think healing was possible for me. I've suffered with depression my whole life. I can honestly say. I'm healed. Journey to Joy has changed my life in every way


I came to Journey to Joy with no self confidence whatsoever. I've grown and healed in ways  I thought were only possible for others. This change has penetrated me on the deepest levels. I no longer wear a mask of confidence, I live the truth of who I am.

International Therapist

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Registered Profesional Reiki Master Teacher

Master Teacher of Energy Medicine 

Ashburn, VA

Worldwide Online

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Bekah's methods do not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. We strongly recommended you see a licensed physician or another licensed health-care professional for any physical or psychological ailment, whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have. Bekah's work works in harmony with other forms of healing. Please consult your Physician prior to receiving these alternative methods of healing if you have any concerns.

Bekah Marie

Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher &

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach. Clinical Hypnotherapist