Make Time for Love

June 15, 2020


Yes. I'm looking at you. 


It's time for a TIME OUT! 


You need to make a plan girl. You've been so busy surviving, your heart needs some loving.


I know. #Covid-19 #Kids #Meals #Homeschool  #Allthethings 

It feels like it just won't end. And, you are right. It won't. #TRUTH

There will ALWAYS be SOMETHING else that needs your attention. 

But I invite you to say, "nope, I matter too". And make a plan to make some time FOR LOVE.



Plan 30 minutes out of your day, by getting up earlier, by having a time out, by going to bed earlier, to embrace the love of yourself. 

Make a cup of hot tea, or iced tea, maybe an #ArnoldPalmer

Write down how you have shown up for yourself today. STARTING WITH taking this time. Write out what you are sensing you need. And ask yourself what needs to change to get there?

Then take the rest of the time to do something FUN for YOU.

Color, do some writing, painting, paint your toes, trim your unruly #lockdowneyebrows and put a face mask on, put some fun music on (hello, #FeelingGood by #MichaelBublé)  lay down, or dance it out while you listen as your mask dries. Tell the kids this is mommy's time out BEFORE you get started, and get them settled. 



Plan a date night of s'mores and a funny movie! Make s'mores in the oven, by placing graham crackers on a sheet pan, marshmallows on one side, chocolate on the other. Look up funny movies and pick an old favorite, or a new one to explore. Put the kids to bed, and tell them they get to have s'mores for breakfast if they let Mommy and Daddy have the whole night uninterrupted. Cuddle up together with warm, soft blankets in your pj's and enjoy feeding each other s'mores, kissing the chocolate away and laughing along with your movie. Spend the evening together, allow all the energy that's been pent up inside to express itself in love. <3 Tell your spouse something you love about them, and thank them for something you've noticed. Use this time to CONNECT. Plan a weekly date night in, with COMEDY, with FUN, and with LOVE. 


#CallMeIrresponsible #HaveSomeFun #MommyDaddyDateNight #selflove #relationshiplove #rekindlelove #comedyrelief #creativity

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