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How to Choose the Right Reiki Practitioner

It is very important to always follow your heart while choosing the practitioner that will be able to assist you in your healing journey.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your practitioner, that you can speak to them and know that they are hearing your heart’s cry, and that your healing and wholeness is their goal as they assist you through their healing methods.

Your energy (intuition/heart/soul) will be drawn to the person that is right for you. You will know that they have been brought into your life to assist you as you move forward toward healing and wholeness. The best practitioner to help you achieve your wellness goals will have been trained through much hands on experience by a knowledgable Reiki Master Teacher.

While there are certainly academics involved in learning Reiki, there is so much more then verbal or written instruction can teach. We are taught how to properlly scan the aura of the client, to reviel any areas of concern, and to analize the chakra’s while doing so.

Reiki, by nature is a hands on energy practice, so it is essential to have hands on teaching, both for the Practitioners education, and for the highest good of the client.

Reiki, when applied goes where it is needed to attain the highest good to the recipient. Your chosen practitioner ought to have a passion for healing and be continuing to hone their skills through continued education. This looks different for every Practitioner. But be weary of those who have only taken an online course, and had no in person experiance with a properlly trained Reiki Master Teacher. There is a reverance one should have for Reiki that can not be properly felt, and therefore understood without in person trianing.

The International Center for Reiki Training is one of the highest respected organazations of professional Reiki Practitioners. ICRT does not accept anyone who has not been trained in person by a properly trained Reiki Master for membership. ICRT also has strict standards, and a code of ethics that is in place to maintain the integrity and function of Reiki. Unfortunately, I’ve been approched by many students that were never trained properlly that have been left confused, and even worse off. The reason being, they have been using their own energy, not that of Reiki to work on clients. Unfortunately, this is both dangerous for the student, and the client. The student is giving their own life energy, which is not an unlimited resorce, as Reiki is. And, the client has been recieving energy from a human source, not that of the “Universal Energy” or “God Energy”. This can lead to the client taking on illness, and even energetic imprints from the student. This is why education matters.

Your practitioner will likely employ various healing modalities which compliment their Reiki practice to assist your healing. An excellent Reiki practitioner will work very hard to make your session an experience of supreme healing on many levels. They will choose sensory stimulation very carefully, the sounds, the scents, and the tone of their office should minister to your spirit giving you a warm, comfortable, and healing energy, just by being in there.

Lastly, it’s inportaint to feel a heart connection that lets you know that these are the healing hands that are meant to heal your heart, body and spirit. That is why my practice is named “Healing Hearts with Reiki”…it is my desire to serve your highest good and to use my empathic gifts to connect my heart to yours in a healing vibration, that you instantly feel, and know, you are exactly where you belong.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be part of your journey!