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When the game changes

I've been on this journey for so long. I remember feeling like it was never going to end, like I'd always feel ashamed, lack confidence, lack purpose, be anxious, have panic attacks, insomnia, and crippling depression. I thought that was just my life. I was also suffering with a debilitating condition that is one of the "#InvisibleIllnesses", #Fibromyalgia. That last one I really thought I was stuck with.

It's amazing what we are willing to believe, really. I let some Dr. tell me it was incurable. I believed him. I suffered for 15 years, when I didn't need to.

It boggles my mind that more people don't know about the uses of energy medicine and mind/body work to heal chronic pain.

I was at one time a walking drug store. I was on Fentynel Patches and Dilauded for breakthrough pain. I was having Epidural blocks and treated like a criminal. What I was, was. mom desperately trying not to die. Imagine that as your goal. 🤦🏻‍♀️ When the pain just kept getting worse, and I realized those epidural blocks were not helping me AT ALL, I decided to start researching alternative methods of healing. This is what led me down the path, the dark hole, and into wonderland. 🐰🎩 I'd previously had Diverticulitis, which was shortly before the Fibromyalgia entered the picture. I'd used natural methods to heal my Diverticulitis, such as massive diet changes. I knew it had worked for me before, this looking outside the box, and I was willing to do anything to be off the medications that were causing me massive memory issues. I had two little girls, and I wanted to be there for them, to remember them, and for them to have more of a memory of me than what they had. So, in I jumped.

Through the process of self healing, I discovered my inner child. This part of me that I'd somehow lost touch with. This may sound WAY TOO WOOOOOO for you, and I'd totally understand if you were like, "girl, bye!!". But, you didn't get this far to stop reading now. 😉 In the woo, I remembered me. I reclaimed my former self. And I set to work healing all the wounds that were keeping me TOTALLY STUCK. I kinda started checking off my list. Truth be told, I left Fybromyalgia to the bottom of the list...cause I totally didn't think there was a chance.

What I've found is, the greatest strength comes when you rise from ashes.. When you heal through pain, and tears. When you believe there's not going to be a tomorrow, yet tomorrow come. I sacrificed years of my life, and I decided I was DONE. I won. I triumphed. I healed.

The story here is simple. Healing is possible. But, you have to believe it is. I can help ya with that.

I kinda have a big story on how it healed my own life, how I found my voice, my confidence, my success. I didn't make it by osmosis, I wasn't handed it from my parents. I had to do the hard stuff. I had to face my inner demons, and lies. I had to be willing to "go there" before I could GET HERE. I love helping women find their voice, their inner warrior, and I stand in amazement when they set themselves free. There's a prison, It's called the mind. But there's also keys, called thoughts. When you change your thoughts, those doors fly open. And ALL of life changes. I'm #livingproof.

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