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Believing in the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Whether you like it or not, your subconscious mind is the boss of you. Even when you make a conscious decision to go after something you want, it's your subconscious that determines whether you'll take consistent action to get it!

Once you understand how your subconscious works, you can be in touch with yourself on a deep level. You'll have the keys to living an abundant, fulfilling life, and all you'll need to do is unlock that door.

You can even use your communications with the subconscious mind to correct larger issues, like depression, anxiety, panic, fears, or eliminate negative habits, like emotional eating. When you get to the core of an issue in your subconscious, you can change it. The possibilities are endless!

How Do You Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind?

This is the foundation of Journey to Joy, my signature program that has created lasting, powerful change for countless women!

Under hypnosis, rather than being asleep, you're in a state of heightened awareness. Many of the inhibitions of your conscious mind will subside while the subconscious comes to the forefront. When you're in this state, you're open to suggestions. If you allow yourself to receive positive suggestions, you'll find you will create positive changes in no time at all.

Just remain aware of your innermost thoughts and you'll be better able to understand just where your subconscious mind takes over. Always be truthful with yourself, follow your heart, and most important of all, have an amazing belief in yourself!

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