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For the Weary

I know. It's been so long. It feels like it'll never end. You are feeling like there's no end in site, and there's no rest for the weary. Between the war of words, the war of viruses, the war on the very breath you breathe. It is scary. It feels impossible sometimes.

I am not here to make light of the problems we are all facing. I am here to shed some light on another truth.


I want you to take a moment and think of some other truths. Simple. Easy.


Write them down. I'll wait. Now I want you to read those truths out loud to yourself. Use those truths as a mantra for your weary heart.

Profound in their simplicity. Enough to reel your mind back in, and center in on your truth.

While the world is full of chaos, I invite you to be full of calm. I invite you to instead ask what you can do about the situation you find yourself in? Make a list. What can you do today? What can you do this week, or this month? And that mental list of everything you can not do (ie: cure Covid-19, solve the worldwide pandemic, heal the sick, give equality to all, mend the country's divide, etc....) I want you to write those things down too. Now, at the top, write "what I do not have the power to change" and "what I have the power to change".

And go back to your TRUTHS. Allow the things you have the power to change to become your truths. Saying, "today, I can" and allow your heart to FEEL that. FEEL as you take your power back! Take your power back from all the outrage, all the face slap moments of frustration, SPEAK the words out loud!

"TODAY, I can" whatever it may be!

It may be,

"Today, I can change the way I feel every time I see that stack of unpaid bills, by going through them, organizing them, and making calls".

"Today, I can change the way I relate to my friend by asking her to explain to me what I am missing due to my own privilege."


Also, girl. PLEASE. I beg you.

Limit your exposure to the news that keeps you in knots. Have a solid cut off when you are OFF of work. Turn the laptop off. Put the phone on airplane mode, whatever you need to do. YOU NEED SOME DOWN TIME. You were not made to be ON 24/7. But in this culture, we've created a 24/7 world. Refuse to play the game. You are going to be able to give SO much more when you are well rested, and when you have balance in your life. Take time our for you.

"TODAY, I will take...........(amount of time) away for some peace in my day".

Now see all your TRUTHS? See all the things you DO have the power to change? Take heart, you were not meant to overcome the world. You were only meant to effect change as a ripple in the ocean. OWN YOUR OWN RIPPLE!!! Stop trying to be the whole darn tsunami! Together, we WILL be the change! But ONLY if we each do our own part.

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