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Time for Change

It's about time to change things up! Shake up the ordinary, and bring in some extraordinary today!

Decide to LOOK for the extraordinary. When you go for your walk today, turn the podcast off, and instead look for magic around you! Nature inspires us, and renews a sense of LIVING, which lets face it we all need right now. Watch the birds, the squirrels, look for magic. It's there! But we have to have INTENTION to SEE IT!

When you get home, put some fun music on and have a three minute dance party! You are moving that energy and getting your energy flowing! Then when you are finished, sit and ground yourself by placing your bare feet onto the earth in some way. Stay for at least three minutes. It's amazing what getting the energy flowing and grounding can do for you!

Now change up the routine for yourself, see how you can renew your life with some juicing for breakfast, journaling before bed, reading for joy, and spending time away from all distractions playing some family games, or enjoying a talk with a good friend.

Look around in your home for any areas you've had on your to do list, but haven't quite gotten to. Make a plan today on what you need to achieve what you want. Maybe it's as simple as a new coat of paint and some fresh lightswitches. Maybe you want a cool mural on one wall from Etsy. Order some organization tools and get your plan going! It's SO IMPORTANT for your mind to see that you ARE MOVING FORWARD right now. Do whatever seems feasible for you, without stressing you out. Choose a place that will bring JOY to you when you look at the job well done!

Now on your next grocery order, ask the shopper to pick out a totally random fun color of nail polish and surprise you! File your toes and fingers and paint them whatever random color they choose, and commit to that color for a week! Go get a shirt you still haven't worn and put it on! Put your hair up in a different way, maybe lots of braids, maybe an under French braid, do something DIFFERENT!

Eat breakfast for dinner! Watch a family movie at lunch time with popcorn and rooter floats. Throw the schedule out the window for a day and let yourself PLAY!!!

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