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Learning to Listen

For many years I've been on this journey of discovery. I've been discovering myself, what brings me joy, and what makes my soul feel lit on fire. Through the process of much self healing, I've learned what for many is the secrets to freedom. It's these secrets that I share with my clients as they embark on their journey to joy.

The truth is, it has to be done in a time that is natural. We can't force it anymore then we can force ourselves to become a raindrop.

The tools I use are most helpful in conjunction with authentic self reflection and evaluation. Most clients are simply too traumatized to do this on their own. It takes having someone who has walked through the dark side of healing- the dark night(s) of the soul to be their guide and walk with them. It is not an easy road. But what worth having really comes easy?

The most important thing you learn through this process is how to listen to your soul yearnings, heart callings, and allowing the becoming of your true self. The unbecoming of the masquerade.

This is something that once mastered gives you a sense of freedom like you've never had before. It takes time. It takes dedication. It takes investment. Investment in yourself. But aren't you worth it?

I believe we are all worth it. Our children are watching us, learning how to put on masks and pretend they are happy with the façade's of life. I see this when children are kept from nature, unable to have empathy, and selfish to the core. They haven't lived an authentic life. Because authenticity leads to humility. It leads to a heart that is forever transformed and changed. It leads to a deeper joy. Because it is a part of something that can not be bought, traded or sold. It is part of their soul. Teaching children to listen to their own heart, to hear from their own soul is a tool that could radically transform society. But in order to do that, we must first do that for ourselves.

This is why I start at the heart of the family. Mothers. When we change ourselves, we change the world around us. We alter the course of history, and we bring healing to our past and our future. We are worth the effort, worth the time, and worth the pain of facing our past, so we can unlock our future. It is my deepest joy to help women along this path, just as I have come. It's not an easy road. But it's one with a beautiful ending. I see the world change, when I see a mothers heart transformed.

I provide the most advanced Reiki Healing Techniques, Birth,Trauma and Grief Timeline Healing, and Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT is a hybrid hypnosis. It works by combining many different proven therapeutic methods in one amazing modality. It's my commitment to these women that has brought me to train with truly world renown healers. I don't settle for anything less then the best in my training. I put the time in, and I do the hard work because you are worth it! There are plenty of cheap imitations. But I found for myself what worked. And that didn't come from a gum ball machine, neither should the training someone receives.

I specialize in women who are suffering from chronic illness, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Emotional health truly does effect our entirety. When we get the breakthroughs that these therapies offer, it's unbelievable what changes in our lives.

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