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You’d think we would look out for eachother. That we’d jump in to lend a helping hand, instead of keeping everything to ourself. When you see an opportunity to be helpful, taking it and not looking at everything like “what’s in it for me?”.

There’s such a beautiful thing about using what you have to do the most good. But in this day and age, it seems like people look at it more of using this thing to show my superiority. Really? If we help another woman win, don’t we all win? When we teach our daughters how to be a sisterhood we can change the trajectory of their lives? I find it to be a double standard to be all for women, and yet lack a certain empathy and care for each other. And in fact to feel you are competitive with other women. The truth is, there really is a place for each of us.

When will we do better? When will we work as a team, not as loners? I believe that it’s when we start opening ourselves up to bless others, that’s when we receive the truest blessings ourselves. By withholding good from others, we are actually missing an opportunity to have the blessing of blessing others.

I know that when I step out and serve others, I get back ten fold what I’ve given. It’s the joy that I experience that gives back to me.

So, I challenge you. Do better! Love better! Serve others. Don’t be looking out for “number one” so much that you loose the blessing of blessing another.

There will be days, and times that it may boomerang on you. Refuse to let that one situation steal the chance to make a difference. If we can’t share amongst ourselves, what makes us think we can teach our children to share?

Give up the double standard of women’s rights, but refusing to be a sister in arms. Realize that only when we all work together, we make us all a force to be reckoned with. It’s in the simple, everyday times that we can build eachother up.

What will you do, to build up another person?

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