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If I'm Honest

If I’m honest, the very thing that hurt me most, the exact thing, I was most afraid of my whole life, is the very thing that propelled me into the biggest journey, of my life.

That thing, is one word. But a word that carries so much weight.


How can one small word, encompass so much? How can the action that made that word a reality bring about anything good at all? It’s a simple answer, I suppose. But the emotion, the fear, the total disparity, those things are all but simple. Those things are what wreaked me. Brought me to the very bottom of the pit I was already in. And those things were also what made me remember that story of the horse that had fallen in a pit.

After trying to rescue it, the rescuers resigned that they would just have to burry him. As they started shoveling dirt inside, he stomped it down and stood a little taller each time. That which was meant to take the last breath from his lungs, became the very thing he needed to take a breath again.

I decided, at the age of 30, I had one more chance to live. And I was going to take that chance by the horns, and ride it as far as I could go. Little did I know, that four years later, I’d be standing tall, with all of that dirt under my feet. I’d be standing with so much certainty that every moment of my life was actually leading me to this very moment in time. That every tear had a purpose, and every cry out in pain was part of a bigger plan.

That plan was to humble me. To break me. To allow me to realize how low we can go while still living. And, it was to show me how far we can climb, if only given a chance.

That is my passion, and my purpose for each person I have the gift of working with. To help them see that while this moment feels like it will surely burry them, together, hand in hand, they can rise.

I believe in you, because I have seen it work in my own life, and the lives of so many clients as well. It may take a while. It may be a process that is longer then you would like it to be. But I believe that you too, can take the most unimaginable pain, and turn it into something beautiful. Take a chance on yourself, you might just be surprised. Massive love.

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