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Top Myths about Hypnotherapy

You've probably seen it. You probably believe it...You think that you are NOT IN CONTROL when in hypnosis, don't you? Hypnotherapy to many is what they have seen on a stage. Maybe on a Cruise ship? It's people quacking like ducks, believing they are glued to chairs, or that they have just married a total stranger!

I’m sure you’ve seen those clips on FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE!

So, let’s take a look at three major MYTHS in regards to hypnosis!

  • Myth 1. You aren’t in control of yourself.

  • Myth 2. You can get stuck like that forever.

  • Myth 3. The Hypnotherapist can make me do whatever they want me to do, even against my will!

While all of this leaves us with belly laughs, it doesn’t do much in the way of convincing us to “go under hypnosis”. After all, “what if the Hypnotherapist leaves me that way, or I can’t come out of it?!?!?".

Totally understandable.

But, totally just for show too!

#StageHypnosis is very different than therapeutic Hypnotherapy. But even better than that, the tools a hypnotherapist is trained in can be absolutely life changing, or they can leave you lacking. Like seriously lacking. Traditional hypnosis has it's powers, I'll totally agree to that! But there's something that most courses lack, and that's the depth, the digging, the going beyond. Let's call it "off script" or using intuition. If there's anything I've been gifted, it's my Intuition. When I listen to it, it has NEVER ONCE been wrong.

Enter my training.

I admit it. I'm kinda a snob when it comes to training. It's not because I'm a snob IRL, it's because I've been burned. I've done hypnosis with other practitioners and seen that it just doesn't have depth. 🙁

I'm a crazy perfectionist who has to know everything. It's been my downfall for sure...(insert me signing up for ALL levels of "such and such" and getting there and realizing THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE!!) sigh...*instructor handing me the book and saying fo for it. 🙄 SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!

I digress.

What happens in my sessions with clients, is we use "hypnosis" as a car to get you where we want to go, but to say it’s Hypnosis alone is a pretty drastic mistake. This is a therapy that brings things up to the surface, so you can #dealandheal

The cool thing is, I've had this gift as long as I can remember. I get visual understanding, when I connect with them. I've had this "gift" my whole life. I can't explain it really better then that. But it's really amazing in how I help my client heal. When my client is experiencing something and having a hard time understanding, I can help them by asking the right questions based on what I'm seeing. It's incredibly powerful to watch them get the FREEDOM from years of emotional pain by gaining a deeper understanding. That deeper understanding happens because I can help them untangle the story, because I too can see, feel and understand what is happening.

The best part of what I do is, 🔥YOU ARE IN CONTROL THE ENTIRE TIME! 🔥

IF at ANY TIME, you wanted to, you could absolutely get up and walk away. 💃🏻

But, that's never happened. Because once you are there, you are amazed at the clarity and confidence you feel having a deeper understanding of your own story.

I use a lighter phase of hypnosis, so you are AWARE, and we are actually talking the entire time!

Because of this, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to do anything against your will, or even accept any suggestions that don’t align with your own personal beliefs.

One of the rules of the mind is that we can’t hold conflicting beliefs, they will simply cancel each other out.

Let's say you have a belief that is keeping you stuck. You totally believe the sky is purple.

No matter how much I tell you it’s blue, your brain will just throw that information out.

I use this process to SHOW you it’s blue, so your unconscious mind understands, and will therefore change the belief on it's own. It's not about me wanting you to believe my reality. It's about me wanting you to believe and the TRUTH. I'm a big believer in the truth shall set you free. I've seen it time and time and time again.

Your unconscious is like a massive computer, with every imprint, every belief. every thought you’ve ever thought (or not thought). So when we tap into the unconscious, you can see the information in the file, and you can delete the parts that aren’t relevant, add to the file to update it, and bring it into this century!

I don’t know about you, but the person I was when I formed most of those thoughts, patterns, etc. (between the ages of 2-8 years old) has had some pretty massive shifts in reality since then!

Because we skip all the junk the conscious mind wants to rehash and rethink, analyze and criticize, we get to the good stuff! We align your energy to your beliefs, but it doesn't stop there. We then align your beliefs to your inner truth. THAT IS WHERE THE POWER IS!

Most traditional Hypnotherapy sessions focus on the habit alone. The reason why what I do is so different is because we actually work to CHANGE the thought behind the habit, so that the habit or “file” is deleted, smashed, incinerated, and your energy is aligned with your own inner truth. The reason this is SO important is, without a change in belief, those habits will eventually creep back in.

If you are ready to overwrite those old files and upgrade life in the way of YOUR choosing, I'd love to have an application call with you.

This work is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my own healing. I can’t wait for you to experience it too!

#South RidingVA

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