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Reflections from the Empathic Healer

As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but find so much gratitude in my heart for all I’ve learned along the way. I continue to be amazed at the human spirit. I find that when I feel at capacity in life, my spirit expands and allows more than I ever imagined to flow into my life. I’m so grateful for the lessons I continue to experience and learn in this practice. I understand so much more about myself and all that I’ve come here for. I’m so grateful to be the Empathic Healer that I am. It requires me to dig deep into my feelings, and to get real with my own need for boundaries. But, it has also given me so much joy to see those whom I help achieve freedom, and take action toward embracing the life they want, and were born to live.

As an Empath, the news of the world is heartbreaking. As a Healer, I know it doesn’t have to be.

We can choose to use the gifts given to send healing to Australia, to pray for rain to cover the bushfires. We can send healing energy to those who are suffering, and to the responders as well. We do not have to take it on as a burden to bare, but rather a chance to lock arms with other healers around the world and bring about healing and change. For all of those feeling the heaviness of the loss and devastation, turn that energy around and send love. Even if you don’t think you know how, I encourage you to take a photo of Australia and close your eyes, and imagine sending the most powerful love to the country, to the creatures and those who make Australia their home. Imagine sending the most intense love to shower down like rain on the land, and envision it doing just that. With the energy of your love, you really can know it’s being felt, and it’s making a difference.

When you think of all those families that have gotten loved ones called up to active duty, we can do things on a daily level to support our troops and their families in love. Each of us can do what we can for those we know, and ask for others that you can help. We can ease some of the burden left on the families, and help ease the pain and worry of leaving them behind. I have a dear childhood friend with four little ones at home. Two boys and twin girls. Knowing that she is supported by those around her enables her husband to do his job with a little less worry about his family back home. No matter our feelings on the issues, we can all agree these families need us, and need our support. If all you can do is send love to these families, know that is enough. Saying prayers, sending cards, taking meals, babysitting for a couple of hours, whatever your heart is urging you to do, do it! Together, we can make lasting change. Dear, Empath heart, do not allow the pain to attach to your heart, instead let those things you feel so strongly for start a flame in your belly creating an overflow of love and ACTION!

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